Artist Statement

Crimes of passion are part of Brazilian criminal history. In the beginning of the twentieth century, according to research, Brazil was the country where people killed most for love. Back then the patriarchal society absolved the people (specially men) who committed crimes of passion, using the excuse of acting without premeditation because of strong emotion. Only in 1981, after a campaign led by feminist groups who had the slogan "Love does not kill", was when, for the first time in Brazil, a man alleging innocence for acting in defense of his honor (for being betrayed by his wife), was convicted and punished as a murderer.

I grew up hearing and seeing on television news about crimes of passion, as the media exploited these crimes in order to have more audience. I was always curious to understand how love can become hatred, and how people can lose their minds to the point of killing or hurting the one they love. The work you will see here deals with the thematic of crimes of passion and domestic violence. I explored diverse techniques, such as photographs, paintings, projections, sound, film and video to show the psychological universe of those who kill or hurt for love.

My latest film, In the Eyes of Others, which concludes the series about crimes of passion, is still running in the festival circuit, so it is not available online yet. The remaining of the work from the series, along with some other work, you can find on this website. I hope you enjoy it.

Elisa Herrmann, May 2013.

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